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Ormen Lange

The Ormen Lange deep-water project off the coast of Norway produces natural gas from deep beneath the Norwegian Sea and pipes it onshore to the processing plant at Nyhamna. The plant supplies approximately 20% of the UK’s gas. In recent years produced gas from Ormen Lange has equaled up to 20% of the UK’s total gas consumption.

Project development

Ormen Lange is one of Norway’s largest industrial projects to date and at the height of construction it involved around 20,000 people from more than 50 countries.

The construction team started work in April 2004. From September the same year they spent 18 months creating underground storage areas for condensate, a light oil.

In 2005, the team laid foundations for buildings and equipment, installed concrete columns and laid cable trays. In total, they used 200,000 cubic metres of concrete. In October 2005, the drillship West Navigator started drilling the first well on the Ormen Lange field.

In 2006, the team installed 30,000 tonnes of steel in pipe structures at the facility.

The facility was completed, tested and commissioned in September 2007. Shell took over operatorship of Ormen Lange on December 1, 2007. Hydro, who merged with Statoil in October 2007, was the operator in the development phase.